Ways of Reversing Heart Disease with Linus Pauling

Published: 03rd October 2011
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People need to know more about reversing heart disease considering there were millions of people in 2006 that had some form of Cardiovascular Disease. Linus Pauling was a two time Nobel prize winner and he is a big believer of reversing this disease by consuming large doses of Vitamin C and L-Lysine. In 1970, Vitamin C consumption rose to 300%, even though there were many medical and governmental agencies who did not believe any of his ideals.

Pauling is given much credibility for many of his accomplishments, even though medical professionals do not agree; he also wrote many books that became best sellers, about living a better life. Going right along with him being an American chemist, author, and biochemist, his studies on Vitamin C were helped with his interest in biomedical molecules and molecule medicine. He did many clinical studies and collaborations using Vitamin C as a form of cancer therapy, along with a cancer surgeon; in the early pars of the 1970s. Instead of bowing out with his findings, like many organizations wanted, Pauling kept on working through his finding and with medical teams about using regimens that included Vitamin C.

Aside from Vitamin C, Pauling also says that Lysine in high amount can prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. While some believe that high cholesterol contributes to cardiovascular disease, it more likely that lipoprotein is more likely to cause it. In a study of people that had heart disease, it was concluded that in reversing heart disease L-Lysine and Vitamin C gave pain relief. Several people said that after just two to three weeks they had reduced levels of lipoprotein.

People that may have some concerns about their heart health can find Linus Pauling products available. There are several advantages that have been proven to go with them when taken correctly. Strengthening the heart, as well as the cardiovascular system, lowering Lp(a) cholesterol, and reducing heart attacks are a few of those very benefits. Some added benefits to this would be promoting overall health, slower aging, and preventing osteoporosis.

Linus Pauling recommends people to take 3 grams of Vitamin C and 1-2 grams of L-Lysine everyday. Being at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease means you should consider 2-3 grams of L-Lysine and 3-6 grams of Vitamin C daily. Taking 4-6 grams of L-Lysine along with Vitamin A and E and then 6 grams of Vitamin C, is recommended for those that have been through a stroke. Vitamin E could cut heart disease by more than one-third and Vitamin A by almost half; which is what is shown in recent clinical studies.

In 1994, the US patent for the cure for Cardiovascular disease was given to Pauling; which was the only one. With the increase in common cold product sales every single year, it is hard to see why there are still professionals that do not believe in many of his ideals or his theories. In reversing heart disease , Pauling would suggest that you go about it the natural routine; which is what it also suggested by many in this day and age.

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